Foxwell NT809 Bluetooth

Foxwell NT809 Bluetooth uppdaterad version! Grymt allbilsverktyg.

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Beskrivning av artikel

NT809 med trådlös blåtandsuppkoppling!

Foxwell NT809 Allbilsverktyg stöder över 100 märken.

Svensk språk finns.

2023 års revision som stöder ända upp till 2023 års bilar.

Extremt kompetent diagnosverktyg. Platsar lätt på en mindre verkstad.

Läs mer här på Foxwells sida: Foxwell NT809BT

Foxwell NT809BT Features and Benefits:

  1. Wireless & Bluetooth Connection: equipped with Bluetooth VCI, Foxwell NT809BT gives you more flexible operation space when using the scanner in the distance up to 33ft/10 meters, instead of being limit anymore.
  2. Smart Scan: With Android 9.0 operating system and 7" color display with touch screen, Foxwell NT809BT provides responsive and reliable diagnosis process.
  3. Bi-Directional Control/ Active Tests: Aka. active tests, which greatly saves you much time for the diagnostic process.
  4. Full OBDII Functions+ Full System Diagnostics: Allows you to perform depth and comprehensive diagnostics for all electronic control modules in your car, allowing you to easily understand the condition of your vehicle.
  5. 30+ Reset Services Meet Most of Your Need: Helps you easily deal with all kinds of complex maintenance problems. Note: Compatibility will vary by vehicle model and year, please confirm with Coverage Checker or contact us before purchasing.
  6. Diagnostic Report and Online Feedback: The diagnosis report can be saved, shared, and printed, you will need it for further analysis, communication, or assistance. Submit the fault information occurred during the diagnosis process in the system, you will receive the solution from professional Foxwell engineers.

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