Foxwell T10 TPMS Snap-in sensorer 4-pack

TPMS sensorer Snap-in i 4-pack till bra pris!

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Beskrivning av artikel

TPMS sensorer i fyrpack 315MHz och 433MHz med lång batteritid.

Programmeras med Foxwell TPMS verktyg.

  1. Compatible with more than 96% of the vehicles equipped with a tire pressure system
  2. 315MHz and 433MHz dual frequency
  3. Wireless sensor programming with Foxwell TPMS service tools
  4. Can be reprogrammed without any limitations
  5. Interchangeable valves-rubber or metal valve
  6. Unique serial numbers to assure quality control
  7. High precision air valve to avoid air leakage
  8. Built-in battery with an extended service life (approximately 4 - 6 years)
  9. 0-30°adjustable angle
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